Finding the right set of tyres for your vehicle requires more than just matching your vehicle’s make and model; you should also consider the road surface your vehicle uses most often, usual weather, even your own habits as a driver.

We stock a variety of tyres for all makes, models and applications, whether you’re after traction on looser surfaces or increased ability to handle wet weather. We can also fit and balance your vehicle’s tyres.

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Tyre Care

People come to us not just for our range of tyres and batteries, but for our second-to-none after sales service.

When you buy your next set of tyres from Valley Tyre Service, you can come back to us for a tyre rotation and balancing every 10,000 km free of charge. This and other preventative care measures we offer our customers will help you get the most value for money out of your new tyres.

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Wheel Alignment

Poorly aligned wheels can create excessive tyre wear on isolated parts of the wheel, significantly reducing the overall life of your tyres and potentially leading to a blow out on the road.

Our workshop has the specialist equipment to correctly align your vehicle’s wheels to the axle, spreading the weight of your vehicle across as much of your tyre’s surface area as possible. This helps maximise the life of your tyres, keeping your vehicle safe on the road for longer.

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At Valley Tyre Service we stock a range of batteries from some of Australia’s most trusted providers, suitable for all makes and models of vehicle. We can also test your vehicle’s existing battery and replace it with one that more accurately matches your vehicle’s needs.

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Other Services

We also provide a range of additional services for our customers, including:

  • Supply and fitting of alloy wheels
  • Motorcycle tyres
  • Caravan and trailer tyres
  • Tyres for all types of agricultural equipment, from tractors to lawnmowers and even wheelbarrows
  • And much more
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